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How to organize an unusual romantic weekend near you? A limousine trip is a magical experience. The limousine is known for its incredible length and elegance embodied, this luxury vehicle is truly unique both in its history and in its authentic design.


Klassic Limousine, with its high-quality services in transportation offers you the opportunity to live a privileged and exceptional experience by making an unforgettable journey aboard a sumptuous limo.

Historically, the limousine found its origins in the 19th century in the heart of the Limousin region. At that time, the limousine was very far from what we know today. This vehicle was already very long, pulled by horses, it had a roof and two benches to accommodate its passengers. This means of transport was mainly used by bakers and slags to transport their goods.

Throughout the decades, with or without engines, the limousine always designates a very long vehicle. Indeed, this main characteristic gave it formerly practicality, today it is an asset combining at the same time comfort, space, finesse and elegance. The main limousine signs are: Lincoln, Cadillac, Yukon, Hummer, Chrysler, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche. 

This luxury vehicle, which can reach impressive twelve meters length, is mainly reserved for an elitist clientele: statesmen, politicians, businessmen, VIPs, celebrities ... The limousine has a strong image, it represents the symbol of social success, luxury and power.

However, it is experiencing a democratization that considerably extends the clientele likely to afford a journey aboard this long luxury vehicle for a day or an evening to celebrate a special event: wedding, birthday, bachelor party, religious ceremony, retirement ...

Our performances

Prestation véhicules avec chauffeur, homme souriant en costume conduisant une limousine.

Vehicles with drivers

Profitez d'un moment de plaisir et de détente grâce à la conduite d'un chauffeur de luxe expérimenté qui saura veiller sur votre confort au quotidien.

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Prestation sécurité, personne sortant d'une Mercedes class E entouré de ses gardes corps.


Klassic Limousine, leader in transport and safety in the Morbihan (56) and in Brittany

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