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Security Guards

Klassic limousine is the security company in Brittany specialized in the surveillance and protection of your exceptional events as well as your daily life in the heart of your exceptional properties: castles, mansions, palaces and villas.

Protect your villa, your person and your family from any infraction thanks to our high-end security services. Klassic Limousine sets up the means necessary to guarantee your protection and your complete satisfaction. After careful consideration of your specifications, we will offer you a tailor-made security service that correspond with your requirements and protection needs. 

Depending on the degree of risk and threats to your home or family, your possibilities vary from remote monitoring to active and constant security staff in your home. In order to deter thefts and infractions, you can choose the installation of a reliable and high-performance alarm monitoring equipment connected to our surveillance cell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For optimum security and peace of mind, we offer you a remote monitoring system with physical protection, thanks to the continuous availability of one or more security agents in your home. Our security agents work alone or as a team according to your needs in your homes, while encouraging discreet work. We are aware that the presence of our teams must bring you serenity and tranquility without disrupting your privacy.

Beyond the protection of your castles, manors, villas, palaces and exceptional hotels, we also manage security during your exceptional events: weddings, religious ceremonies, fashion shows, international fairs, charity galas, birthdays, seminars, shows, performances and private concerts.

The success of your event depends also on your serenity and that of your guests, take away stress and anxiety, we take care of you to protect your evening so that it is all the more beautiful. Our human resources have the ability to take charge of organizing and managing the security of your celebrations thanks to:

  • A state-of-the-art remote monitoring system
  • Entry management and screening of guests with search to wipe out the risk of armed persons or terrorist threats through bailiffs and security guards,
  • The presence of a dog handler to ensure increased reactivity in case of intrusion of an undesired group of persons.
  • The assurance of no fire or incident by the master of perimeter guard and fire prevention agent.
  • The presence of close protection agent to ensure your property and that of your guests.

We ensure that the agencies with whom we work together to ensure your safety are very serious and offer their agents the best training as well as the qualifying certifications that meet RNCP standards.

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