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Transport has been the core business of Bretagne VIP for over twenty years. Our concierge service offers a wide range of transport services in France: prestige cars, private chauffeurs, helicopters, private jets, yachts, taxis, charters...

Bretagne VIP takes care of your travel in a comfortable and secure way

Mobility is the key to performance today and Bretagne VIP Conciergerie does everything possible to minimise travel time and give your schedule incredible extension capabilities.

Your private concierge Bretagne VIP offers you the best travel conditions with new top of the range vehicles. Whatever your destination, our experienced and trained chauffeurs will drive you safely and comfortably. Luxury sedans, limousines, sports cars and exceptional cars, you choose the best way to take the road.

Car rental with driver for individuals

Do you have a child to drop off at his grandparents', do you need to reach your holiday destination or do you need to pick up guests for a wedding? Bretagne VIP adapts to your request to satisfy the least of your requirements.

Car rental with driver for companies

Whether it is to replace your executive driver or to carry out chauffeur services for your company, Bretagne VIP transport will satisfy you, even at the last minute.

Convoying, your car goes where you want it to

This involves moving your car from point A to point B. With more than 14 years of experience, Bretagne VIP offers you door-to-door car transport over short or long distances:

  • Bringing your top-of-the-range car to your holiday destination when you have chosen the train or plane
  • Picking up a classic car following a remote purchase, at a car show
  • Bringing your car back home when you are away from home etc.

Car concierge service

For each intervention on your vehicle, Bretagne VIP takes care of everything: making an appointment with the car maintenance and repair professional, transporting the vehicle from your home or workplace to its premises, validating the quality of the service and returning the vehicle.

The transport commitments of Bretagne VIP

  • Quality of service: responsiveness, punctuality, care of the car entrusted, good presentation of the driver
  • Legal security, especially in terms of driver and vehicle insurance
  • An all-inclusive price, based on an estimate and without surprises

Our performances

Prestation sécurité, personne sortant d'une Mercedes class E entouré de ses gardes corps.


Klassic Limousine, leader in transport and safety in the Morbihan (56) and in Brittany

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Prestation véhicules avec chauffeur, homme souriant en costume conduisant une limousine.

Vehicles with drivers

Profitez d'un moment de plaisir et de détente grâce à la conduite d'un chauffeur de luxe expérimenté qui saura veiller sur votre confort au quotidien.

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